Below are a list of my publications, including peer-reviewed journal articles, opinion pieces, book reviews, technical reports, and extension products, as well as my professional presentations.  You can also check out my Google Scholar profile.


Technical Reports, Conference Proceedings, Software, & Book Reviews

Outreach  Materials

  • Valachovic, Y.; Varner, M.; Giusti, G.; Standiford, R.; Kelly, M.; Quinn-Davidson, L.; Eitzel, M.V.; Schriver, M.; Lee, C.; McGown, K.; Potts, M. “UC ANR 8000 Series publication: Ecology and Management of Oregon White Oak and California Black Oak.” In preparation for University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources.
  • Eitzel, M.V. (2015) “How-To Guides on Mapping and Computer Use.” For The Muonde Trust research team. Available upon request.
  • Eitzel, M.V. (2014) “SNAMP Pub #20: Estimating tree growth from complex forest monitoring data” Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project, Research Brief.
  • Eitzel, M.V. (2014) “Guaranteeing the Future of Cooperative Extension: A training program for graduate students.” Association of Natural Resources Extension Professionals, Winter Newsletter.
  • Eitzel, M.V. and restoration ecology graduate seminar students. (2012) Restoration Ecology Blog, publicly-accessible companion website for “Insights from a Cross-Disciplinary Seminar: 10 Pivotal Papers in Ecological Restoration.: Nearly 100 reviews of scholarly articles on restoration ecology, written by seminar participants, organized and formatted for the public by M.V. Eitzel.
  • Eitzel, M.V. (2009-2010) “Speaker Series Summaries of the Berkeley Chapter of the Indigenous Mapping Network.” Talks reproduced with permission under “Outreach.”